Single Origin Drip Bags

Each of our drip bags contains 11g of a seasonal single origin, just roasted in our St Peters warehouse before being packed nearby at Ecre.

Origin details

For each batch, we use a different seasonal coffee:


Filo Del Oso - Geisha (VS), Colombia (BB 06/04/2025)
Kiri, Kenya (BB 06/04/2025)
Genji Challa, Ethiopia (BB 16/12/2024)
Finca Tres Esquinas by Albeirzon Prada, Colombia (BB 16/12/2024)

Finca Buenavista by Carlos Imbachi, Colombia
Marco Fidel Rodriguez, Colombia
Cristián Rodríguez, El Salvador
Jabanto Producers (Honey), Ethiopia

Brewing recommendations

  1. Take the drip bag out and tear across the “OPEN HERE” line.
  2. Fold out both paper handles and carefully place them over a mug’s edge.
  3. Pour just-boiled water over the bag 3 times, filling it completely (total ~200mL).
  4. Dispose of the bag thoughtfully and enjoy!

Disposal information

Box: recyclable.
Sachet: home compostable (OK Compost Home TUV Austria certified) (previously recyclable soft plastic).
Drip bag: commercially/industrially compostable.
Coffee grounds: home compostable.

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