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Briyith Carolina Mulcue

Briyith grew up surrounded by coffee and started growing her own only 2 years ago. This is a classic Colombian profile with notes of plum acidity, a nougat body and sugary sweetness.

Body     Acidity

Roasted omni for filter and espresso

Briyith’s coffee farm, named La Esperanza, is located in the community of Inzá. This municipality lies in a sacred valley beneath the mountains that separate Huila and Cauca. Boasting over 14 centuries of history and tradition from native indigenous tribes, Inzá is one of Colombia’s richest archaeological sites, housing the renowned Tierradentro Archaeological Park. Briyith comes from a lineage of traditional coffee growers. Throughout her life, she has been deeply involved in coffee production, developing a profound love for the craft. Inspired by her father, a lifelong coffee grower, Briyith and her husband Jonathan ventured into coffee growing on their own just two years ago.

Since starting, Briyith has shown a keen interest in continuing her education, refining her processes to enhance profitability and increase income. She recognizes that producing specialty coffee is an intricate process and savors learning from each stage. At Finca La Esperanza, she collaborates closely with her family to cultivate high-quality coffee in a loving and unified environment. This dedication not only improves their quality of life but also fills Briyith with pride. “I feel proud to know that with my farm and my coffee, I can improve not only my quality of life but also that of my family. That brings me immense joy,” she expressed.

Despite being relatively new to coffee production, Briyith manages with basic infrastructure and employs artisanal methods for processing her coffee. She is determined to upgrade the farm’s infrastructure in the near term to not only enhance the quality of her product but also to increase production scale and productivity. Briyith shares a unique bond with her coffee plants, believing in the power of communication and care. “I speak to the plants, I pet them, and they listen to me; they respond with gratitude,” she says, illustrating her deep connection and love for the coffee plants on her farm.


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Briyith Carolina Mulcue


La Esperanza






2045m above sea level







Tasting notes

Plum, nougat, sugary sweetness

Roast style



Caturra varietal

Caturra is a natural mutation of Bourbon that was originally discovered in Brazil in 1937, considered to be the first naturally occurring mutation ever discovered.

The location

Coffee from Colombia

Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world and benefits greatly from having one of the most unique and complex set of micro-climates of all coffee producing nations.

The Cauca region of Colombia

Attractive growing conditions afforded by its altitude, proximity to the equator and the protection afforded by surrounding mountains, enabling a stable microclimate year round. Cauca is a region also known for its World Heritage listed national parks, wildlife, and life-giving water sources

Farm processes

Washed process

Machines are used to remove the flesh from the coffee cherry before being fermented in water, washed again, and finally sun dried. This process tends to result in more distinct, cleaner flavours.

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