Coffee atlas: Cauca in Colombia

Attractive growing conditions afforded by its altitude, proximity to the equator and the protection afforded by surrounding mountains, enabling a stable microclimate year round. Cauca is a region also known for its World Heritage listed national parks, wildlife, and life-giving water sources

Altitude: 1700–2100 m above sea level

Harvest: March–June (main) and November–December (fly)

Varietals: Typica, Caturra, Castillo

Cauca is situated on the Colombian plateau, sitting adjacent to other growing regions Tolima and Huila. Much like many regions in Colombia, safe access to Cauca was greatly affected for many years by the violent disputes between the government and the FARC rebels. In recent years, with growing peace and signed treaties between the parties, greater access to this amazing region has been afforded.

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