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Josh Dove Josh’s Kalita Wave

24g coffee ground @ '18' setting on Baratza Encore - medium coarse I guess? used smaller (155) Kalita Wave dripper & Brewista kettle @ 94 degrees. as timer started, began to slowly add water up to 40-50g for bloom, then a gentle stir. after 0:30, began adding more water. by around 2:50, reached target of 390g. water level remained relatively high (near top of filter) throughout the brewing process. done by around 3:00. found it to be absolutely delicious, probably my favourite filter cup so far with the Brew Crew sub... now to try it as espresso!

  • 24g
  • 390ml
  • 3m 0s

KenyaMugaya AA

Thomas Bomford Thomas’s V60

This Kenyan had both the body and acidity of a ripe, fleshy stone fruit. The finish lingered with notes of Rhubarb and light, malty caramels. The V60 gave some great clarity to all the fruitiness and the body held well (the Kalita would've probably been a little too heavy). I just happened to have another Kenyan on my counter when the delivery arrived and decided to cup them next to each other. On the cupping table the Mugaya started smooth and creamy but developed an intriguing juiciness I really want to explore. I have a feeling this coffee would be a stand out espresso.

  • 15g
  • 250ml
  • 2m 30s

ColombiaMarco Fidel Rodriguez

Thomas Bomford Thomas’s Kalita Wave

The Kalita brought out that smooth Colombian body but this coffee had some great, juicy acidity. My immediate thought was tropical fruits. It was a much brighter acidity than the usual red apple i'm used to tasting in Central/South American coffees and I made sure everyone at work had a sip. Also let's not forget that butterscotch finish; Werther's Originals for days. I also tried a few CCDs but it rolled off that signature brightness and became a little one dimensional.

  • 15g
  • 250ml
  • 2m 40s

NicaraguaEl Suspiro

Thomas Bomford Thomas’s Kalita Wave

Full bodied. Crispy bright acidity. As balanced as it gets. Tried the V60, loved it but thought the Kalita would compliment the size of the body. It so did. I used a sieve to remove the boulders and it really cleaned up the acidity (highly recommended move). I went a step further and used a chocolate shaker to take out the fines but the improvement wasn't as drastic as the removal of the bigger particals. Bloomed for 30 seconds. Finished pouring at 1:05.

  • 12g
  • 200ml
  • 3m 0s