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Every two weeks we roast an exciting, new coffee and send it straight to the doors of Brew Crew subscribers.

Here’s every coffee we’ve shared with Brew Crew subscribers from Colombia, there’s been 26 coffees so far.

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Colombia Maria Edilma Medina

Delivered on February 28, 2018

From Gigante, Huila

Flavours of rosehip, red apple, grape jelly
Medium bodied with medium acidity

We're proud to be returning to La Esperanza for a third year to share with you. Finca La Esperanza is owned by Maria Edilma Medina, who moved to the Huila region ten years ago to escape violence and conflict elsewhere in Colombia. ...
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Colombia El Sauce

Delivered on January 31, 2018

From Nariño

Flavours of sweet malt, lemon tart, sherbet
Medium bodied with balanced acidity

We're happy to bring you another coffee from Colombia's Nariño department, the part of the country with the highest production of coffee. We've shared some great coffees from Nariño in the past 12 months, and this is another favourite (a...
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Colombia Oscar Bolaños

Delivered on November 22, 2017

From Piendamo, Cauca

Flavours of passionfruit, pineapple, sultana sweetness
Medium bodied with balanced acidity

We're sharing something a little different with this coffee from Colombia -- actually, a few different things (it's the first honey-processed Tabi varietal in Australia, too!) Let's start with [_Tabi,_](/coffee/varietal/tabi/) the var...
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