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Every two weeks we roast an exciting, new coffee and send it straight to the doors of Brew Crew subscribers.

Here’s every coffee we’ve shared with Brew Crew subscribers from Colombia, there’s been 29 coffees so far.

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Colombia Rodrigo Cortez

From Pitalito, Huila

Flavours of rosehip, strawberry, poached pear
Medium bodied with soft acidity

Rodrigo’s farm is around 5km from Pitalito, one of the more famous coffee regions in Colombia and a name you might recognise from some of our favourite microlots recently.

This particular microlot is the [Tabi varietal](/coffee/var…

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Colombia Finca El Oasis

Delivered on July 4, 2018

From Planadas, Tolima

Flavours of orange blossom, marmalade, toffee
Medium bodied with crisp acidity

This coffee comes from the Planadas region of Colombia, where Aleyda Reinoso Rivera runs Finca El Oasis.

Aleyda and her husband didn’t decide to produce coffee by chance – she chose coffee due to her passion for the land, the love she…

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